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Posting Bail With the Help of a Sarasota Bail Bonds Agency

No one enjoys being arrested and thrown in jail. People who are arrested immediately think about how the arrest will affect their future, and how to get out of jail and go home as soon as possible. Being released from jail requires a judge to either determine that the defendant can be released on his or her own recognizance or to set a bail amount.  Release on own recognizance is a form of pretrial release without any form of monetary insurance  in which the court trusts that the defendant will return for all criminal proceedings. Bail is a certain amount of money that is designed to ensure that the defendant has incentive to return to court for all mandatory hearings, meetings, and trials. The court will not accept bail money if it is believed that the money was used in or derived from criminal activity.

Factors that are considered when a judge sets bail include: the type of alleged crime, the standard penalties for conviction of the alleged offense, the preliminary evidence against the defendant, prior criminal record, whether or not the defendant is a danger to the community, whether or not the court believes that the defendant will honor his or her court obligations, and the defendant's relationships within the local community.

How a Bail Bondsman Can Help

The vast majority of people who are arrested for a criminal offense are not released on their own recognizance, but on bail. Bail, however, is often set at an amount far higher than an individual can pay. A bail agent at Bad Boy Bail Bonds can help you secure the release of your loved one from a Sarasota, Bradenton or Venice jail for a fraction of the cost of the bail. The fee paid to the bail bond agent is also known as a premium. By law in the State of Florida, the premium charge is 10% of the bail bond or $100 minimum per charge. A premium is a non-refundable fee for the service of paying the bail amount on the behalf of the accused.

Do you need assistance making bail? Contact a Bail Bond Agent at our company today!

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