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Florida Statute Chapter 903

Information about Bail Bond Law from a Bail Bond Agent

Florida statute is very specific about procedure and rules concerning bail and bonds.

The bail bond agents at Bad Boy Bail Bonds have summarized some of the more important points below:

  • "Bail" and "Bond" include any and all forms of pretrial release in which any monetary or cash components may be met by a surety bond. In general, in order to qualify for a surety for the release of a person, one must be a resident of Florida or own real estate within Florida.
  • When determining whether or not to release a defendant on bail, the court must consider all relevant facts, including but not limited to: the nature and circumstances of the offense charged, the amount of evidence against the defendant, personal, professional, and community ties, the defendant's past record if applicable, possible danger to victims, flight risk, and whether or not the property or funds that will be used to post bail were acquired as a result of criminal activity.
  • Pretrial release, which is obtained by posting bail, comes with the following requirements: the defendant must refrain from any and all criminal activity, refrain from contact of any type with the victim, except in the instance of pretrial discovery, and comply with all conditions of pretrial release set by the court.
  • A criminal surety bond, also known as a bail bond, is considered by the state of Florida to be a guarantee by the bail bond agent that the defendant will appear at all subsequent criminal proceedings and otherwise fulfill all conditions of his or her bond. Any failure on the defendant's part to adhere to these requirements constitutes a breach of this commitment by the bail bond agent.
  • Any final judgment made by the court, whether it is guilt, innocence, acquittal, or withholding thereof, will satisfy the conditions of a bond and the court shall order the bond be canceled within 10 business days of the judgment.
  • In the event that no formal charges are brought against a defendant within 365 days of arrest, the court will order their bond canceled unless the state can show sufficient cause otherwise.

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