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How Bail Works

About the Bail Process in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, he or she will either have to post bail or be held in custody until the trial date, which can sometimes be weeks or months from the date of arrest. Bail is a set amount of money that acts as insurance between the court and the defendant. If the defendant is present at all court appearances, then the bail will be returned in full. If, however, he or she skips bail and does not appear at each hearing or trial, the bail will be surrendered. Notable exceptions to this rule include missed court dates due to unforeseeable emergency situations and miscommunication or misunderstandings about the court dates. Should this occur, it may be possible to reschedule the court date and bail will not be forfeited. In the event that the defendants' bail is paid with a bail bond and he or she skips bail, the bail bond agent has the authority to locate the defendant and surrender him or her to the court.

Bail Amounts and Procedure

Before a formal trial, a judge will review the case and set a bail amount, which is usually based on a combination of considerations, including a bail schedule (average bail amounts for particular charges), the perceived flight risk of the defendant, and the defendant's perceived danger to the community.

Bail is generally at least a few thousand dollars; often, it is tens of thousands of dollars. Bail may be paid in full to the court by the defendant or by someone on behalf of the defendant. Most people cannot afford to post bail, even with help from family members or friends. Furthermore, in some situations bail may be used to cover court fines, criminal fees, and other costs from being arrested. Those who post bail for their loved one usually do not wish to have the bail used for these costs, whereas with a bail bond, the defendant will generally be responsible for his or her own court costs.

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