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Immigration Bail Bonds

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Is someone you love being detained by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement or by the Department of Homeland Security? The legal process for immigrants, legal or illegal, who are facing deportation is complex, confusing, and difficult. At Bad Boy Bail Bonds, a bond agent can secure your release from detention and can also give you more specific details about immigration bonds.

An immigration judge or an immigration agent can set bail in order for an alien to be released from immigration detention pending deportation proceedings.

There are two common types of immigration bonds for aliens who are allowed to post bail:

  • The first, a delivery bond, is insurance against flight risk during deportation proceedings. It is the job of the immigration bail bondsman to guarantee that the alien is present at all immigration proceedings, and that he or she leaves the country if deportation is ordered.
  • The second, a voluntary departure bond, is insurance against flight risk after a court has ordered deportation. Voluntary departure gives the alien time to prepare his or her things and to leave on his or her own accord. The immigration bail bondsman ensures that the alien has left the country by the specified date.

Immigration and Deportation Bail Bonds

Immigration bonds are significantly different than criminal surety bonds; for one, anyone who is held in an immigration detention center can apply for a bond through a determination hearing. In general, aliens who are being held because of criminal charges, who have only just arrived in the United States, and those accused of terrorism will not be eligible for bail. Factors that will be considered by the judge or agent include family members in the U.S., current employment, criminal history, community ties, the amount of time already spent in America, whether you have the financial ability to pay a bond, and whether you may have a legitimate case against deportation.

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